Question:  Since my child will not attend the entire month of August, do I pay the full monthly                             charge?

Answer:    Yes.  The fee is the same for all 10 months.  The school year is 183 days for the school                         calendar.  In order to meet operational expenses, tuition is divided equally into 10                               months (August - May).  If there was a discount for August, then the tuition would have                       to be increased for the upcoming months.

Question:  If my child is absent, do I receive a reduction in tuition?

Answer:    Unfortunately, no.  The fee is the same regardless of attendance.

Question:  May I exchange days during a week if my child is unable to attend on his/her                                       scheduled days or if my child's scheduled days are on a holiday?

Answer:    When there is availability, we will gladly help out by allowing children to adjust their                             schedule. However, scheduled days on holidays may not be exchanged.

Question:  May my child attend an extra day from his/her scheduled days or arrive early/depart                             late?

Answer:    Enrollment and staffing will have to be considered.  If approved, please fill out the                              "Accounting Change Form" and place it in the tuition box.

Question:  How do I change my child's schedule permanently or temporarily?

Answer:    After approval from the management team, please fill out the "Accounting Change                              Form" and place it in the tuition box.